Our names are N-Thug and S-Thug, we’re two doctos who used to be medical students not so long ago. We’ve spent thousands of hours compiling a set of notes (ThugMade notes) that allowed us to sail through all exams.

One night we decided it was time to share these notes with the world (click here for the birth story).

Thugmed is all about ‘breaking the mould’ and we’re doing this by bringing some bling to medicine. The notes, methods and study tips on this site are always about working SMART not hard – we call this “The Street Way”. These principles work.

Feel free to contact us at any time, either use the contact form or send us an email thugmed@gmail.com If you want to contribute, just let us know.

Most of all we hope you enjoy the site and start applying “The Street Way” to your medical studies.

Peace out!

p.s check out our video below