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by thethug on May 22, 2009


Career Advice From Dr. Diddy and Dr. Lil Wayne

by thethug on April 21, 2009

Dr. Diddy and Dr. Lil Wayne? No, these guys are not doctors, but they share their “Secrets To Success”. Applying these principles to medicine will definately improve your chances of ‘success’.

1. Be into what you’re doing – In a field like medicine it isn’t always easy as we have to go through rotations we don’t enjoy. But these rotations are only temporary, as soon as you walk out of the hospital, shift your focus to what you’re into. Medicine is such a diverse field, there’s no need to pigeon-hole yourself. If you can’t find a field you’re interested in – create one.

2. Be You – In medicine there is always a pressure to act according to certain ‘standards’. That’s fair enough as patients need to feel comfortable around doctors, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like your seniors. Communication skills seminars about the Calgary Cambridge model are all good, but don’t let that hide your personality. All too often medical students try to find a personality that will suit their career as a doctor instead of just being themselves – I’ve tried this approach too, but it never felt comfortable. I learned instead to just be me – people sometimes think I’m crazy because my approach is ‘different’, but in real patient scenarios it has never failed me. This doesn’t mean I can’t learn new skills, I’m always trying new approaches, but at least I’m using them within a framework which is natural to me.

3. Don’t stop – Lil Wayne is always in the studio or on stage. This goes against conventional work-life balance theories. Maybe it’s time to forget the balance, if you love what you do, work ain’t work then there’s no need to balance, it becomes a part of life.

4. If it ain’t working implement change – I’ve sat in outpatient clinic listening to doctors complain about their careers saying “this is never the field I wanted to go into” – I don’t want that to be me. If something ain’t working, I’m gonna change it. Either change speciality or change career completely – to many people this might sound crazy, but seriously if it ain’t working it’s time for change. Personally I would rather experience the short term discomfort of change versus a life of struggle.

5. Sleep when you’re dead – I’m not sure about this one….


How to be a Medical Hustler

by thethug on March 15, 2009

At face value the word “Hustler” and medicine don’t seem compatible. Many may ask “what is a hustler?” and a quick Google search might make you believe it’s a gangsta/drug-dealer/con-artist. However, the true meaning of a “hustler” is far different.

The Hustler over at defines a hustler as someone who has the following characteristics:

  • Hunger – Not in the literal sense (every one needs food and ThugMed always recommends a top quality diet). Instead it’s about hunger for knowledge, self-improvement and your passions. This hunger becomes the motivating power to propel you to success. If you lose your hunger you’ll get eaten by someone who’s hungrier.
  • State of Mind – Anything is possible. That’s a powerful sentence that has been shrouded in cheesiness, but try to put that aside. If you don’t believe something is possible, you won’t achieve it. If you at least believe it, you give yourself a chance to make it happen. In a field like medicine, this attitude will set you apart. You’ll be the one advancing medicine. I’ll say it again; anything is possible.
  • Plan – Set yourself an ultimate goal. Don’t worry if you can’t see how it will come about, just set the goal and take baby steps. Fake-hustlers will fall along the way, but true hustlers keep their eye on the prize.

Ultimately a hustler can be defined by this equation:

Motivation + Plan + Focus = Hustler

So how does this apply to med school? Here are the ThugMed Hustlin’ tips:

Get Hungry – Medicine is a huge field, find an area that makes you hungry and go after it.

Never accept “No” – a medical hustler sees opportunity even in the face of adversity. Things don’t always work out the way you expected.

Clear Vision – I won’t stop till I’m at the top of the medical field and creating dramatically positive results for my patients. I also visualise sippin’ Cristal on a Gulfstream 500 flying to a medical conference which I am hosting in a city where I’m building a hospital. When I tell this to people they laugh and ask me “how?”. I respond with “I don’t know”. In order to reach a goal, you don’t have to know every step along the way, just focus on moving in the right direction. If you believe it’s possible, somehow things always fall into place.

Being a medical hustler isn’t a skill that’s taught at medical school but it’s a code to success. You may face resistance when implementing these strategies but that’s just part of the process. If you have questions about how to implement this in your career just post a comment or send us an e-mail.

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Bling yourself out

by thethug on March 2, 2009


Retrograde Ejaculation

by thethug on February 17, 2009

Retrograde ejaculation is one of those medical disorders that people rarely talk about. We all take for granted that after getting freaky with yo hoes you will ejaculate from the external meautus of the urethra (the small hole at the end of the penis). However, guys suffering from this unfortunate disorder ejaculate into their bladders.

In order to understand why this happens, we need to cover a little anatomy. Obviously, both semen and urine come out of the same hole. Both fluids take turns, so when it is time to orgasm, the sphincter of the bladder constricts so that the semen has to take the path of least resistance – down the urertha and into the world. This can be tested by trying to piss right after ejaculation – which in normal guys is impossible. In retrograde ejaculation, the sphincter does not tighten properly and the semen flows into the bladder. This is not harmful in any way, we all know that sperm doesn’t kill anybody and it certainly isn’t poisonous. However, next time you take a piss it’ll just be cloudy.

Causes of inapropriate sphincter action are certain drugs such as prazosin (used in urinary retention commonly due to enlarged prostate) and some anti-depressants.  It can also be a complication of surgery around that area (resecting cancers, etc).

Retrograde ejaculation can also be a method of contraception. If you press on the perineum while orgasming (the perineum is the area of skin between the testicles and the anus) you relax the sphincter of the bladder. However some sperm might still make its way out the usual way. Thugmed does not recommend this as a method of contraception, but feel free to give it a go.


Slave get me coffee

by thethug on February 1, 2009

Clinical rotations are a big part of Medschool. The hospital is your hood and you gotta be able to live it up no matter what.

A couple of years ago on the first day of clinical rotations, the sub-dean gave a lecture and said:

“the most important skill you will learn as a medical student is how to make a cup of tea/coffee for your senior colleagues”

The comment was sarcastic but I sensed a level of seriousness. My first thought was “f*ck that”. Being rather naive on the wards I believed that making a cup of tea/coffee might actually be a good idea and I would gain respect from senior colleagues. I quickly learnt this wasn’t the case. Being a coffee maker was an inefficient use of my time and was perceived as suckin-up. This is the opposite of the Thugway.

The cup of coffee is only an example but it goes to show that trying to perform menial tasks to please senior colleagues in any form isn’t going to generate the necessary respect to build a successful career. Instead, finding a way to be a useful member of the clinical team is the way to go. Clinical competence gains clinical respect. Never forget, your aim is to learn not serve drinks. Sometimes this is easier said than done but it takes more effort to assume an active role on wards. The thugway involves serious assertion!

So how do you deal with a situation where people ask you to make a cup of coffee? Most of the time if you appear assertive enough you’ll never get asked, but it might happen occasionally. Under these circumstances the ThugMed recommendation is feign incompetence – “I don’t drink coffee, I’m not sure if I can make it”. If your colleague insists, proceed to make the worst cup of tea/coffee possible. When you serve the ThugMed style coffee/tea, the issue will never present itself again.

Staying street = assertion = respect.

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Medical Presentation Skillz

by thethug on January 13, 2009

As medical students we have to give a lot of presentations. Yet for some reason there is rarely any formal teaching on presentation skills. Occasionally there are classes on “how to use powerpoint” but these usually focus on the technical side of making a slideshow rather than actual presentation skills.


So, the only way to learn is by example. We get hundreds of lectures from doctors and fellow students, but all too often the slides end up looking like this:



With presentations like these the presenter will most likely read the text directly from the slides.  Every person listening will do the same thing: read the slide then stop paying attention.


This is why we’re introducing Presentation Skillz – Thugstyle….


We’ve taken the example above and Thugged it out, it should look more like this:




The following are some guiding principles!  


Keep it simple – cut out anything that is irrelevant. If you follow this principle alone, your presentations will be good.


Select a solid tone background – nobody likes the default Microsoft powerpoint templates. You know what we’re talking about, the background blue sky or the crazy futuristic ones. These can’t have been changed since 1994. We recommend a simple black background


Use a massive font – if you’re using anything under size 30, you got too much text.


Maximum 5 words per line – the reason for this is 2-fold. Firstly, it forces you to actually learn your presentation rather than read slides and it forces the audience to listen because otherwise they won’t get the necessary information. 


Use high quality images – NO clipart. Check out for free pictures.


You are the presenter – The powerpoint slides are only visual aides, YOU are the presenter. The slides should serve as a rough guide which means you have to know your content well. If you want you can use some note cards. 


Speak to the audience – all too often it’s more comfortable to look at the screen while presenting. NEVER do this again. 


Practice – don’t mistake practice with weakness. Delivering a good presentation always takes practice.


Some of these may seem obvious, but all too often you get presentations with the stereotypical backgrounds and 100 words on the slide.


If you want further information check out Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds – he’s a pimp!


Or watch an example presentation here– Mr. Kawasaki demonstrates true ThugStyle!


Living it up the Hippocratic Way

by thethug on December 10, 2008

As the ultimate pimp of medicine Hippocrates taught us more than just the Hippocratic oath. While he was hard at work advancing the field of medicine he always knew how to live it up. He was the most famous physician of his time and people kept trying to attract him to Athens so that he could focus more of his time on medicine but he decided that life was not all about work. So he lived on Kos, a beautiful Greek island famous for knowing how to party and just chilled in his pimped out crib on the beach. Here we have two photos, one showing the current remains of his villa and the other what it would have looked like in 400 BC.


So remember that happiness comes first. Hippocrates knew that it’s all about working hard and playing hard, and the players at ThugMed wouldn’t have it any other way.

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ThugMed Soundtrack 3

by thethug on December 7, 2008

One of the original Thugs, Hippocrates, aka the “godfather” of medicine, had some important words to say about caring for patients.

“All that may come to my knowledge in the exercise of my profession or in daily commerce with men, which ought not to be spread abroad, I will keep secret and will never reveal.”

Basically, never forget to keep patient info confidential. In other words “I won’t tell”…..

Fat Joe feat. J Holiday – I Won’t Tell


Essential Anatomy – Skene’s Gland

by thethug on December 3, 2008

Back in the late 1800’s a Scottish Gynaecologist named Alexander Skene was hard at work. Dr. Skene understood the Thugway and he contributed greatly to medicine through over 100 publications and generated improvements in surgical technique.

Dr. Skene’s greatest discovery was a small gland located near the female distal urethra; Skene’s Gland (aka Female Prostate, Paraurethral Glands). See anatomical diagram below (click to see it bigger):

For reasons unknown to ThugMed, teachings regarding Skene’s Gland are not routinely included in standard anatomical textbooks. We felt obliged to create this post as this knowledge is essential and will serve you well in your Obstetrics and Gynaecology rotations.

What does the gland do? Basically it’s the anatomical equilavent of the male prostate, that’s why some people call it the “female prostate”. The gland produces lubricating fluid during female ejaculation (aka squirting) which has a similar consistency to male prostatic fluid. However, there is some anatomical variation as not all women have this gland.

Why is this knowledge important? Clinically Skene’s Gland has been linked to two problems; cyst development and adenocarcinoma.

1. Cyst Development: A Skene’s Gland cyst could present with several possible signs; perineal discharge, recurrent UTIs, dyspareunia (painful banging aka painful sex) and abscess formation. Usually these cysts ain’t a problem to solve (if you diagnose it correctly)! Click here if you want more info! 

2. Adenocarcinoma: Since Skene’s Gland is very similar to the male prostate, cancer of this gland can present similarly to male prostatic adenocarcinoma! Signs like haematuria (blood in pee-pee) and pain when tryin’ to pee-pee are possible. But the most interesting investiagtion is that women with Skene’s Gland adenocarcinoma can have elevated prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) levels!!!

Yo, now you’re an expert on Skene’s Gland.

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